Work for Crayola at their Live Artist Series in New York City. Video by mustache.

From Oakland, CA

250' x 75' "HATE LESS / LOVE MORE / OAKLAND" with BERJ

Crayon on Spraycan with BERJ

Crayon Character from 2-part Mold


Mural Design with BERJ

Remix (Click Images to Enlarge)

13' x 13' spray painted mural of the Portland poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Located at the corner of Marion Street and Romasco Lane in Portland, Maine.

Makeshift Spray Glove for Painting in Below Freezing Temperatures

Street art piece on an abandoned house in Portland, Maine.

The Temporary Nature of Street Art and Graffiti

15' x 15' spray painted mural of legendary Boston Celtics player Bill Russell. Painted alongside Ben Braley during a 3-day visit in the neighborhood Russell grew up around in West Oakland, California.

Right side of the mural was hand-painted exclusively by Ben Braley and is of Hook Mitchell, who is another great from the West Oakland neighborhood. Click the name to learn more. You'll learn how Hook and Russell are a juxtaposition. "B-Boy" is unknown.

18' x 20' mural on Colucci's Hilltop Market for Shipyard Brewery. Background hand painted using One Shot. See post from 11/24/2012 for pictures of prep work. Characters hand done on paper with paint/markers/pens and applied using MTN Spray Adhesive with a MTN Varnish Matte coat for weatherproofing. Background painting help from Ben Braley, Tyler Gibbs, and Zach Nedwell. Characters provided by Richard "Doc" Jones, Pat "Dynamo-P" Jones, A.J. Jones, Kyle T. Randall, Ben Braley, Jay Piscopo, and myself. New characters/embellishments welcomed but please be respectful, professional, and creative. Contact for inquiries. 

Painted for Guitar Doors a few hours before the release of their new book/CD Beats and Bars. My painting is a 12' x 9' replica of the book/CD cover done with spray paint on paper. Guitar Doors is an independent, non-profit, initiative that aims to provide connection and community to inmates through music. Through small-group, student-centered instruction, Guitar Doors stimulates those incarcerated to think and express themselves in new ways and teaches the rewards of working together as a community towards a common goal.

Reference Image / Book Cover / Flyer

Reference Image / Book Cover (Small)
12' x 9' Spray Paint on 20lb. Sign Writers' Bond Paper

Painting (Small)

Artwork at The Portland Museum of Art's 2013 Biennial: Piece Work as a part of Rahul Mitra's piece "Box City", which is a collaboration with 33 Portland-based artists. Mitra has constructed other versions of his "Box City" with the help of street artists in cities throughout the world such as Paris, Turin, Delhi, and Houston. Shout out to Tim Clorius and Andy Coffin at SubOne.

The idea was to have each Portland-based artist choose from assorted boxes and milk crates and design them as they see fit. Below are pictures of my boxes and the Biennial.

Sideview of Cloverland Dairy Milkcrate Painted with Acrylic and OneShot

Sideview of Cloverland Dairy Milkcrate Painted with Acrylic and OneShot

Top View of Cloverland Dairy Milkcrate Painted with Acrylic and OneShot

Front and Sideview of Painted Winebox Using Stain, Acrylic, Stickers, and Marker

Frontview of Painted Winebox Using Stain, Acrylic, Stickers and Marker

Sideview of Painted Winebox Using Stain, Acrylic, Stickers, and Marker
Rahul Metra Setting up the Exhibit at The Portland Museum of Art
The Artist

Piece Work Synopsis

Exhibit Information and Artist List

"Box City: Portland" Completed Outdoors

The Opening

Topview of The Opening

Quick Painting of the Sunset Over Portland, ME

Legal Wall, Portland, ME






(ABOVE) 18" x 24" Mixed Media Painting on Canvas. Character On The Right by BERG. (BELOW) ~ 13' x 15' Day-Long Mural at OUTLET Art Gallery in Bushwick, Brooklyn, NYC. Click Image for Close Up.

Mural on Colucci's Hilltop Market for Shipyard Brewery with help from Tyler Gibbs and Zach Nedwell. Colors and characters to be added in the spring due to weather. For information on how to submit characters to populate the mural see post from 9.14.2012 below.

Click to Zoom

Below are pictures of the murals I am painting with 2-5 other AMEX Inc. crew members for The Maine Center for Creativity's 'Art All Around' project in Portland, ME. The project will be the world's largest public painting with more than 260,000 square feet painted. The design is by artist Jaime Gili.


Click the respective images below to read articles in the Bangor Daily News / Munjoy Hill News and The Portland Daily Sun about the mural for Shipyard Brewery and Colucci's Hilltop Market.

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